BME / Services / Chartering & Agency service

The function of Chartering Department is of a corporate nature. The Chartering Department is responsible for meeting all the requirements to in/out chartering of all kinds of ships. In/out chartering requirements are communicated to the Chartering Department by the concerned departments. Accordingly, the department enters the requirement in the market through weekly broker meetings or any other day during the week (depending upon urgency), as per the chartering procedures laid down. Negotiating officers then negotiate and finalize the business. Once the business or vessel is fully fixed, all the necessary documentation is done as per the chartering procedures laid down. The Charter Party is drawn and passed on to concerned department for necessary action.

In order to give clients the best services, the concerned operation departments (Technical, Operation and Commercial) are in constant contact with the vessels/various agencies/clients so that the operations are executed as per the clients expectations and C/P provisions.

In case of disputes, the endeavor is always to sort them out amicably. However, disputes where an amicable solution is not possible are referred to an Arbitrator, as per the Charter Party provisions regarding arbitration.

BME Services include location arrangements at berth or anchorage, service crew as per berth or anchorage requirements, agency services, pilotage and mooring, supply arrangements for provisions, essential stores, fuel and lubes, …