BME / Services / Crew Training

BME develops highly skilled seafarers through training and continual appraisal system. We continually strive to improve professional, leadership and HR competence by providing value added training such as various simulator based courses in Cargo & Ballast handling shiphandling, Engine Manoeuvring controls and Computer Based Training.

Onboard Training:

Onboard training services are based on an initial evaluation of the capabilities of a ships crew with regard to the familiarisation of equipment and to assess emergency preparedness. This evaluation forms the basis for identifying specific training needs which can then be addressed by the onboard trainer using training materials and by exercising lifeboat, fire, enclosed entry and other emergency drills.

Onshore Training:

Through its network of UT-STC  training centres and over 10  staff, our company provides specialised training in support of vessel performance, crew competence and career development. Offering a blended approach to training, the centres are equipped with up-to-date facilities using full mission simulation, computer based training and trainer lead courses to internationally recognised standards.