BME / Services / Safety and Quality Assurance

BME is fully committed to a strong HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality) culture.

BME invests heavily in safety training programs and continually benchmarks its safety and operational performance.

We are also involved in carrying out in house and third party on board training, audits and preparing the vessels for Vetting inspections with the help of our experienced Training Superintendents.

Our Safety, Quality & Environmental systems are at the core of everything we do. In addition to onboard thrust, it encompasses all aspects of shore based ship management activities. BME conforms to ISO 9001 standards and its systems are regularly audited by both external and internal auditors.

BME welcomes industry initiatives to improve the tanker trade. BME has embraced challenge of today’s complex and regulatory environment to demonstrate a strong commitment to safety and environmental excellence in respect to:

  • 1. Management, leadership and accountability
  • 2. Shore-based personnel
  • 3. Ship’s personnel
  • 4. Reliability and maintenance
  • 5. Navigational safety
  • 6. Cargo, ballast and mooring operations
  • 7. Management of change
  • 8. Incident investigation and analysis
  • 9. Safety management
  • 10. Environmental management
  • 11. Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  • 12. Measurement, analysis and improvement